Need to Talk?

Talk on your terms.

If you need support, we’re here for you. If you’re worried about someone overhearing you, or it’s too hard to say out loud, you can write it down in chat, email or text.

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Peer support is available from 5-10pm on weekdays and 12-10pm on weekends.

Phone (24 hours): 403-264-TEEN (403-264-8336)

Phone is the fastest way to get in touch with us. It is answered 24 hours a day, with peer support available from 5pm – 10pm on weekdays and from 12 – 10pm on Saturday and Sunday. Outside of those hours, adult volunteers respond to calls.


Monday to Friday, from 3pm – 10pm, and Saturday and Sunday, from 12 – 10pm, you can chat online with us. The sign in for chat is found on our home page. The current status will tell you when the next chat session is available. Users of mobile devices (smartphone/tablets) please note that sometimes we have difficulty with messages getting through when chatting so for a more stable connection, please use a computer or give us a call.

Please note that from 3-5pm on weekdays, adult volunteers respond to chats.


Text: 587-333-2724

Monday to Friday, from 3pm – 10pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12pm – 10pm we’re also providing support through SMS (Short Messaging Service), otherwise known as texting. If you feel more comfortable typing than talking, get in touch with us this way.

Please note that from 3-5pm on weekdays, adult volunteers respond to texts.


Emails receive a response within 24-48 hours, so this is best when the question is not urgent and no one is in danger. For a more immediate response, contact us by phone, chat or text.

What are the limits to confidentiality?