How do i deal with being taken advantaged of or feeling underappreciated?

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If you feel like you’re being taken advantage of or are feeling underappreciated  It could be good to talk to the person who is making you feel that way and address those concerns directly to them. It’s important that they understand how you are feeling, it could be very likely that they didn’t mean to make you feel that way.  We can essentially look at this situation as two different issues, being taken advantage of and feeling underappreciated. 

 Being taken advantage of is not at all a fun time. It makes you feel unwanted and makes you feel like you’re only a means to an end. Emotions like these are normal and are to be expected if you find yourself in this situation. There are multiple ways you can deal with this a situation like this. It comes down to the severity of the situation you find yourself in and how much the situation is impacting you on a daily basis as well as the context of the situation. Some strategies that can help you are to talk to the person who might be putting you through that situation. If you feel like that is a smart move then conversing with the person might help them to understand where you’re coming from so that they can try to solve the problem; if you feel that isn’t an option, sometimes reaching out to someone else to talk about the situation and discuss your options can also be beneficial. 

 It sucks to be underappreciated, whether its not being given enough attention by people whom you care about or not having the time and effort you put in towards something be acknowledged . These are feelings that we go through all the time. One of the most effective ways to be appreciated is to create dialogue between you and the individuals involved. A lot of the times people don’t look at things from the same perspective and this results in certain aspects or facts being missed or not acknowledged. Usually talking to people about your feelings and creating a two way dialogue can help ease some of the pent up frustration and feelings of angst that we may have built up over time.

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