Volunteer Application Form

PLEASE NOTE: Distress Centre is currently accepting volunteer applications. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are experiencing delays in processing applications and are approving less applications than usual. We appreciate your patience. Volunteer training will be held online and includes both self-paced and group work elements. Check back here for details on training schedules.

Fill out the application form provided below.

Please read the ConnecTeen Volunteer Job Description before you apply.


Please complete ALL of the following items on this checklist, prior to submitting your application package.

Part 1 – Application

Part 2 – Questionnaire

Part 3 – Distress Centre’s Non-Negotiable Policies

Part 4 – Current Résumé

Part 5 – TWO reference check forms

  • Work, Volunteer or Academic References only (no personal references such as family, friends, etc.).
  • Letters are to speak to qualifications listed below

Contact Info

Recruitment Coordinator
Distress Centre
300, 1010 8th Ave SW
Calgary AB T2P 1J2
Phone: 403.266.1634
Fax: 403.262.2512
Email: volunteer@distresscentre.com
Web: www.distresscentre.com

Part I: Application

    Full Name (First, Middle, Last)

    Date (yyyy-mm-dd)

    Address (e.g. 300 1010 8th Avenue SW Calgary Alberta T2P 1J2)

    Home Phone

    Cell Phone

    Work Phone

    *Work Phone only used to discuss shift scheduling confirmation/changes

    Email Address

    Emergency Contact Info

    Full Name (First, Middle, Last)


    Primary Contact#

    In accordance with agency policy, a criminal record check and child welfare record check (volunteers over the age of 18) are conducted on every new volunteer, with the consent of the volunteer and at no cost to him/herself? Are you willing to provide such consent?


    Have you ever been convicted of an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada, of any other country or state, or under any statute of any Province of Canada, which may have some bearing upon the position for which you are applying?


    Child welfare involvement or a criminal record will not necessarily preclude a staff or volunteer person from their role at Distress Centre. Decisions will be made on an individual basis. All information will be confidential.

    Completed Child Welfare checks (documentation completed during the group interview for volunteers 18+) are mailed directly to the volunteer applicant. A volunteer will not be permitted to begin their solo work with ConnecTeen until Distress Centre receives a copy of the completed Child Welfare Check that has been mailed to the volunteer applicant’s home address. Not providing this document will delay the start date of their commitment.


    Are you willing and able to make a commitment of 4 shifts/month for ten months, and attend bi-monthly team meetings?

    Are you between the ages of 15-17?
    (Must be 15-20 inclusive to work with the ConnecTeen program, If you are 20 or over, please apply to the crisis lines)


    Are you between the ages of 18-20?
    (Must be 15-20 inclusive to work with the ConnecTeen program, If you are 20 or over, please apply to the crisis lines)


    Professional Designation

    If you have a Social Work Diploma or higher, you must submit proof of registration with the ACSW before your application can be processed. For details see ACSW Website.

    Registered social workers (RSW) may request module certificates for the ACSW upon completion of training. Certificates are only provided to RSWs to count towards Category A continuing competency credits with ACSW and each module counts for 3 credited hours. You must explain how this activity meets the personal learning goals you have set out for yourself by submitting a Category A Summary Form to the ACSW along with the certificate(s) provided. Upon completion of classroom training, you may count your volunteer hours on the crisis lines towards Category B credits. Non-RSW volunteers do not receive certificates for classroom training.

    Part 2: Questionaire

    Please answer the following questions as fully as possible utilizing full sentences within 500 characters max.

    How did you hear about Distress Centre / ConnecTeen?

    Please, specify if "Referral" or "Other" chosen

    Please tell us why you are interested in volunteering with ConnecTeen:

    What are some of your personal goals with volunteering at ConnecTeen?

    What skills or personal qualities do you possess that you believe are applicable to crisis intervention?

    How do you see the training commitment fitting into the other commitments and responsibilities in your life?

    How do you see the commitment (ten months at an average of five hours per week) fitting into the other commitments and responsibilities in your life?

    What does a crisis mean to you? How does Distress Centre Calgary define a crisis?

    Who do you think contacts ConnecTeen?

    Describe a specific time when you had to set aside your own opinion to see something from someone else’s perspective (e.g. core values like religion, morals, politics, etc.):

    Please describe a time that someone had asked for more than you were able to give (e.g. financial support, time, material lending, etc.) and how did you handle that situation?

    Please identify any individuals, contacts, or situations that you would be a challenge for you if encountered on the crisis lines and why?

    Describe a time you made a commitment to something (i.e. volunteer experience, etc). How did you incorporate the commitment into your schedule? Were you able to fulfill the commitment?

    Please give an example of a time that you were required to follow a policy, procedure, or rule that you disagreed with or did not understand. How did you handle that situation?

    Training takes place over a 3 weeks period followed by coaching shifts once a week for three to five weeks. Attendance is required for all of the training modules and coaching shifts as well before you will be able to be on the lines solo.

    What is your preferred month to begin training?

    Do you have any substantial barriers to your availability within the next 6 months?

    Part 3: Distress Centre's Non-Negotiable Policies

    Distress Centre is a critical service in the social infrastructure of the city. As volunteers, you are the first point of contact for someone seeking help when they cannot cope on their own anymore. Due to the scope and the nature of the role, volunteers must maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in their interactions with the community.

    Below are Distress Centre’s 3 non-negotiable policies. Breaking any one of these is grounds for immediate dismissal without discussion. Please click on the box to indicate that you have read, understood, and are able to abide by the policy.

    Confidentiality: The details of a caller that staff and volunteers are exposed to in the Centre can only remain there. You may tell your supports about the types of situations you may encounter, but never any specifics that jeopardizes the identity of the callers.Life or Limb: While providing volunteer services to Distress Centre, if a volunteer becomes aware of a person who is at risk of physical harm to themselves or another person, the volunteer must immediately notify a Distress Centre staff member and take appropriate measures to help that person.Non-Socialization: The development of any relationship or contact with callers outside of the agency by staff or volunteers is strictly prohibited. This includes sharing personally identifying information about themselves. They can share their first name, or a pseudonym if they are more comfortable with that. Volunteers also will not share where they live, work, go to school, and when their shift ends and the next one starts.

    Part 4: Résumé

    Please upload your Résumé (pdf, doc, docx, txt)

    Part 5: Letters of Reference

    Please download the below document and send it to two references to complete. Work, Volunteer or Academic References only (no personal references such as family, friends, etc.).

    I grant permission to contact the references submitted with my application for additional information, if necessary.

    Please sign and date to confirm information; as well as, give Distress Centre permission to conduct routine screening processes (includes contacting references, submitting police and child welfare checks, etc.):

    Date (yyyy-mm-dd)

    Selection is without discrimination and is conditional upon suitability of volunteers.

    All information on this form will be kept confidential, unless harm to self or others is disclosed
    Information collected will only be used for the purposes of volunteer management. No personal info is shared outside of Distress Centre.