Community Education Presentations

Reaching Out to YOU

At ConnecTeen, we can bring you and your community engaging presentations that empower youths and adults to learn more about the world of mental health. 

Whether you’re a youth-serving professional, a caring parent, or a community member invested in the well-being of young minds, our presentations provide valuable insights and practical strategies to tackle mental health concerns head-on. Together, let’s create a supportive and empathetic community!

Get in touch with us today if you’re interested in our presentations.

Bringing Support to the Community

Our FREE community education presentations help youths and adults understand the importance of prioritizing mental health. 

During these presentations, we’ll provide a brief overview of who we are, what type of support we offer, and advice on creating safe spaces, respecting confidentiality, active listening, and determining risk.

Where We Present

If you’d like us to speak with your organization, we’ll be happy to help!

We offer presentations in various settings, including schools, community events, and faith-based organizations, led by one of our Youth Program Coordinators and ConnecTeen volunteer presenters. We can also present at resource fairs upon request.

Presentations are 45 minutes to 1 hour long. Depending on your needs, we’d be happy to present once or multiple times throughout the year. If you work with youth-based organizations, these presentations can be a great way to explore mental health, youth issues, community, and connection!

If you’re interested in taking your knowledge of helping youths in crisis to the next step, please check out our program focusing on workplace training here.


We work with schools to deliver presentations to students and staff. Our workshops are designed to support mental health and wellness in the academic community.

We offer presentations to university students, staff, and faculty members. Our workshops focus on building resilience, managing stress, and promoting healthy habits.

We attend various community resource or volunteer recruitment fairs to share information about our services and connect with young people who may benefit from our support.

We offer presentations to religious and faith-based organizations interested in learning more about mental health and wellness.

We can also provide our services online for your convenience. We’d be happy to present on either Google Meets or on Zoom.

If you don’t have a platform available to access our online presentation, we can offer easy alternatives so you can enjoy the session to the fullest.

Get in Touch Today

ConnecTeen is dedicated to providing presentations that help youths and adults understand the importance of prioritizing mental health. Our presentations offer practical strategies to help address mental health concerns and promote well-being. 

To request a presentation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today! One of our program coordinators will be in touch with you shortly.

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