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No problem is too big or too small

ConnecTeen is a confidential peer support service for youth in Calgary and area.We are a program of Distress Centre.  Being a teen can be tough. You have more independence – responsibility- stress and you probably have more questions than before too.

We know there are some things you can’t talk to an adult about and there’s probably a lot of things your friends don’t get about you. We can connect you with a peer who understands your unique situation  and can help talk you though your issues. We don’t judge. We are here to listen. Our service is confidential and anonymous so no one needs to know you contacted us.

If you ever have a question, a problem or just need someone to talk to, give us a call, drop us an email, send us a text or chat with us online.

Don’t Hide Behind Emojis

Check out “Don’t Hide Behind Emojis”, the winning video from our 2016 youth video contest. Created by Haseenah M.

Check out ConnecTeen’s Volunteers here

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