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You ask… ConnecTeen answers.

Do you have questions but don’t know who to ask?  Are you ready to reach out for support but you aren’t sure how? At Peer Talk you will find information and real life answers on the top concerns we hear about at ConnecTeen.

If you have a question, or want information you can’t find here, ask a teen volunteer today!

Submit your question here. Our teen volunteers will respond to your question within 3-5 business days and answers will be posted back to the Peer Talk section of the ConnecTeen Website. Peer Talk was designed in this way because we believe that if one person has a question, there are many more people who may also have the same question. For this reason, questions posted to Peer Talk may be answered in a manner similar to a blog post that is accessible to the public. If you feel as though your specific question wasn’t answered we highly encourage you to contact us.  For the most immediate response please call us 24/7 at 403-264-8336.

Please note that questions are edited for clarity and length.

Make sure you check back regularly for new insights from our teen volunteers.

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