The Secret to Happiness

Money can open doors to all sorts of things that we think will satisfy us, but those things will not leave us permanently happy… so what will?

The Benefits of Keeping a Diary

A diary is not only a private place where you can express your feelings without fear of being judged, but it’s also a time capsule that preserves your thoughts so that you can reflect on them later

How do I make friends if I’m shy?

It can be hard to make friends when you are shy, and with the school year quickly approaching making friends can seem overwhelming. Here are some tips that may help you make friends if you are shy.

Take a Self-Care Day

Having a self-care day is a great way to recuperate from afflictions such as stress, burnout, and fatigue. One day all to yourself, for the sole purpose of allowing yourself to rest up and pay attention to your own needs.

How to react when a friend ditches you

My friend of roughly two years recently dumped me and my other friends. We had a little group going, we all got along really well. Out of the blue, she left.