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I’m getting bullied at school and online.

How can I make it stop?

Bullying has changed a lot in the past few years and there are many different ways a bully can target someone. The abuse can be emotional, verbal, and/or physical, and it’s happening more and more online, often called cyber bullying. If you’re being bullied, please talk to a trusted adult or a close friend. It’s normal to feel like the bullying will get worse if you talk to someone about it, but often it’s the only way to get it to stop. If you can, talk to one of your parents, a school counsellor, or another adult at school who can help you. Keep asking for help until you get it! No one should have to face bullying alone so it’s important to get support as soon as it starts.

If you’re being bullied online, know that it IS considered harassment and authorities can get involved if it escalates. Always keep the messages you get from cyberbullies as these can be used as evidence if need be. Consider going offline and unplugging for a while to give yourself a break from the bullying. Take care of yourself and give yourself some time away from the situation. You’ll feel better.

Bullying often occurs when the bully feels they need to exert their power over someone else because they’re not able to control things in their own life. Although that knowledge doesn’t make your situation any easier, it can help when you’re trying to understand why someone would treat you so badly. It’s also important to know that bullying is not okay and it’s not your fault!

If you’d like more information on what you can do and facts about bullying, check out the following resources:

Alberta-wide 24-hour Bullying Helpline: 1-888-456-2323

ConnecTeen! Call us 24 hours a day at 403.264.TEEN (8336) or chat with us online.

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