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Easy Tasks to Ease Your Mind

Author: August Clarke

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure why?

According to a study performed by neuroscientists at Princeton University, it could be due to excess clutter in your life. As their research concluded, when an individual’s environment is disorganized, it can lead to issues with focussing on and completing tasks as well as increased stress.

Reducing the clutter in your life not only helps you focus better, but it also has been proven to be a surprisingly cathartic activity. If you feel you are having difficulty concentrating and getting things done, consider trying some of these simple decluttering tricks.

Create a To-Do List

Organization is a key component in reducing stress and ensuring that you stay on top of things. Before you start the day, try making a neat list of all the things that you hope to get done. In doing so, you are more likely to keep on track and stay focused.

Re-Organize Your Desks, Shelves, and Drawers

Believe me: you will thank yourself for this one. You would be surprised at all the things you might find in a drawer you haven’t sorted through in a while. Try reorganizing your closet, your bookshelf, your desk, and anywhere else in your room that you keep things. Not only will it make things easier to find when you need them, but it will also leave you with a clearer mind (and workspace) when you are done.

Perform a Purge of Old Belongings

If you look through all the various items you have in your room, you’ll probably discover that you have accumulated a lot of things in the past year. We all have that one drawer where we put all the random stuff we don’t know what to do with it. Going through all your belongings and sorting through what you need and what you don’t is a great way to declutter your room and your mind. Letting go of old, sentimental belongings can be difficult, but sometimes it’s necessary to refresh the mind.

Organize Your Devices

Organizing your things doesn’t apply exclusively to tangible items you can hold; it is also a good idea to sort through your phone and/or your laptop. Technology plays a huge role in our lives nowadays so – when you have the time – try going through your camera roll, your apps, and old group chats to see what you still use and what you don’t. For me, personally, I find it helpful to sort through all the files on my computer and separate them into various folders so they are easier to locate and less disorderly.

Following these decluttering guidelines will greatly increase your organizational skills and attention capacity. When you have a day to spare, try these out. Your mind will thank you.

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