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How to get a deep sleep

Author: Isha

With our busy lives in school, extracurricular activities, work, or social commitments we can become exhausted or stressed. On one hand sleep is crucial, but you give your top priority to assignments, studying, or technology. In this article, I will give you some helpful tips on how to get a deeper, more sound sleep even if you have limited hours in your hands.

First, your general lifestyle and small habits have a major impact on your sleep. For instance, studies show that exercising regularly in the morning or afternoon helps you fall asleep quicker. Do not exercise right before sleep, as it gives an opposite result to your sleep pattern. Assure that you avoid caffeine right before bedtime, because it activates anxiety and lengthens the 2nd phase of your sleep sequence. This results in the compression of the third and fourth sections of your sleep. During the these phases you get you real “deep sleep” and your body boosts your immune system, builds muscle, muscles, and repairs tissue.

The most difficult among all of these habits, is deducting hours off the screen time and by turning devices off 1-2 hours before bedtime. Whether it’s our phones, laptops, or television we all indulge in some entertainment or last minute work. The main issue lays in the brightness of these devices and the subsequent confusion the brain undergoes. Consequently, if you even fall asleep it will not be fruitful. Instead, if you have some extra time on your hands, you can meditate with the help of a guided meditation.

This tip must seem odd at first but is truly logical at the same time. Ensure that your mattress, pillow, and pajamas are comfortable. Additionally, the temperature of the area you sleep in should be 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, as it is a practical and stable temperature. If warmer than this, you create an environment which makes you prone to insomnia.

Adhere to a regular sleep schedule daily, even on the weekends or days off.

Avoid taking naps through the day. These actions will help you fall asleep and maintain it through the night, because it regulates the clock that ticks in your body.

Sleep plays a crucial role in your performance and attitude in your endeavors, hence remind yourself to make healthier choices this evening!

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