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I want to tell my boyfriend I love him but it’s only been two months. Is that too soon?

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Everyone has different experiences when it comes to relationships. There’s not a set timeline for every relationship. Time varies for when you have your first kiss or when you first tell them you love them. For many teens it can be stressful to know whether it’s too soon for the next stage. A lot of pressure from friends can make you feel like it’s not good timing. This is your decision and remember not to compare your relationship to others.

If you aren’t sure if it’s the right time to confess your love for them maybe try answering some of these questions. Do you think you have that strong connection? Do you think they feel the same way? Do you think it’s good timing? These are all questions that may be hard for you to answer but will definitely help you personally decide whether you are ready or not. The hardest question of all is would you be okay if they didn’t feel the same way? This experience is challenging for many and sometimes the outcome you expect isn’t always what occurs. Just know that if your partner doesn’t say it back it doesn’t make you any less of a person. You are still loved by many and maybe they just aren’t at that stage quite yet. That’s perfectly okay.

This decision definitely is hard to make by yourself. If after thinking of those questions above you still are unsure, definitely reach out to those around you. Your friends and family may be just what you need. Sometimes all you need is another person’s perspective to help you decide. Maybe even if you feel comfortable, you could talk to your partner about your relationship. You could talk about if you two think you’re moving too fast or slow. Even just talking about your feelings for each other could help. Talking about this with someone can make this experience a lot less stressful. Remember that relationships are meant to be fun and you shouldn’t stress too much about these kinds of things. There’s lot of emotions that come up but what’s important is how you’re comfortable with your partner.

If you’ve hit that stage where you think you’re ready to say it, creating a plan could really help ease the pressure. Maybe you could plan a special date that can lead up to the three words you’ve been waiting to say. It’s all up to you and what you’re ready for. Even during the date if you feel suddenly you aren’t ready to say it, then don’t! Stick with your gut and don’t pressure yourself into saying something you’re not ready for.

Telling your partner that you love them can be a very vulnerable experience. The fear you may have is totally normal. It can be difficult to say the words or even terrifying to wait for their response. You are not alone. Again Connecteen is here to support you with this hard decision. Make sure to take the time to take care of yourself and relieve yourself from this stress. Thank you so much for reaching out to us and feel free to reach out again anytime.

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