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What are “Interpersonal Skills” and how can we improve them?

Author: Isha

 As young adults, we begin to take on more responsibilities and steps towards the real world. With these interpersonal skills gain importance in our lives, as we delve into new environments in our social lives, school, work, or extracurricular activities.

The basic definition of interpersonal skills revolves around the verbal and non-verbal behaviors that enable a person to interact with other people properly. Interpersonal skills allow you to communicate more efficiently with the people surrounding you and thus you can successfully create a strong support system.

What are the simplest ways to improve your interpersonal skills?

Your body language and physical disposition are a means of non-verbal communication and it becomes especially important when you are actively listening to someone. For instance, ensure that you maintain eye contact when you are speaking to someone or listening to someone, as it shows that you are engaged and interested in the conversation. With this, nodding your head and rewording phrases during a conversation helps the other person feel comfortable and heard. Along with listening attentively, comes the attribute of being empathetic. Therefore, be respectful towards people by being open-minded to different perspectives and opinions; so avoid interrupting someone during a conversation or immediately shutting one’s ideas down. Understanding and considering a friend, teammate, or co-worker’s position will allow you to be a better communicator and solve problems successfully.

Sometimes we take these skills for granted as we have been developing some form of social intelligence since childhood. However, it is a good idea to reflect upon our habits and find ways to improve them. Communication, teamwork, and empathy are important social skills amongst friends and teachers in a school setting. As you move into a more professional setting, skills such as dependability, conflict-resolution, and negotiation are valued. Therefore, different kinds of interpersonal skills become important as we evolve and explore different facets of life.





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