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6 back-to-school tips to get you into school mode

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Author: Isha

Although you may dread it, it’s already time to go back-to-school. Regardless of your feelings about school, it’s best to face it with a positive attitude. In this post, I will share some back-to-school tips to help you get back into the school mode. Back-to-school time comes with the responsibility of getting organized with new supplies, but it also involves mentally preparing yourself before you hit the books.

Tip #1: Organization is key when it comes to school

Start by gathering good school supplies that work for you. There is no need to purchase a new set of materials for the school year, as you could simply look through your stash of supplies that you used last year. You might as well reuse those same organization techniques if they worked well for you in the past and this way you will save some money and the environment.

Tip #2: Plan and execute

It is important to find some means of planning your schoolwork. It would be a great idea to track all due dates, exam dates, social appointments, or any form of event in a planner. Whether it is a digital planner, reminders on your phone, or a physical planner, this technique allows you to manage your time more efficiently as you can have time allotted for certain tasks.

Tip #3: Clean your surroundings

Getting your surroundings organized will give a good environment to study and it will make you feel ready to tackle the workload. Clean up your room and organize your closet to make sure you do not struggle to get ready in the morning.

Tip #4: Start going to sleep on time

As we all know, sleep is an important lifestyle factor that influences our ability to think and operate optimally. Summer nights are the best, but they cannot last for too long!

Tip #5: Look back on last year and reflect

Think about the aspects of your school and personal life that you wish went better. Do you regret not spending enough time with friends or family? Maybe, you could have devoted a bit more time towards studying. Thinking through such questions will help you figure out how the different parts of your life can be prioritized, managed, and balanced more efficiently.

Tip #6: Set goals, reasonably

Setting attainable and realistic goals throughout the school year will bring you satisfaction and success. For example, setting a grade goal of 100% in English is unrealistic. However, scoring above 75% in the course is a more achievable goal. Creating weekly or monthly targets throughout the school year is a great way to keep you motivated. With this, your mistakes will be useful learning experiences as you may not reach certain goals.

Going back to school can be a daunting time, but I hope that these tips are useful for you and you put them into action this school year!



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