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Combatting Daytime Tiredness

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Author: Isha

You probably have those days where you feel like taking a snooze during class or having numerous cups of coffee to pull through the day. However, feeling lethargic during the day for weeks on end is not normal, so it might be worth checking on your habits and actions to see if they are the culprit for your tiredness. In this post, I will share some tips and tricks to combat daytime tiredness in a healthy and easy ways.

Tip #1: Check on your food habits.

Trigger warning: You may want to skip this tip if food is a triggering topic for you.

What you choose to eat is important because food determines where you get your energy for the day. Breakfast is going to be your best friend as it will be your first source of energy in the morning. Make sure your breakfast is filled with protein and some carbs. It is important to curtail the amount of unhealthy carbs and sugars as they cause a sharp increase in blood sugar levels. Then the sudden crash in blood sugars can cause you to feel tired and burnt out. Avoid foods like donuts, sugary cereals, or muffins. Some better options are eggs, peanut butter on toast, protein smoothies, or yogurt and granola. These are protein filled foods that will keep you fuller for longer. Proteins are an important component of food and good energy sources as they take longer to break down in our bodies. Make sure you carry healthy snacks so that you do not feel tempted to eat unhealthy fast food or processed options. Fruits, cheese, granola bars, and nuts are some of the many options you can choose from.

Tip #2: Look into easy exercise or activities.

 Studies show that physical activity reduces fatigue and increases your energy levels by keeping your mind alert. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the gym, a quick walk or jog will do the trick.

Tip #3: Stay hydrated.

Research shows that mild dehydration can cause you to be tired as your heart has to pump more, because less blood is getting to your brain due to low blood volumes. Stay away from energy drinks or excess caffeine as they will  fail to keep you energetic for long periods of time and could lead to a crash.

Tip #4: Get a good night’s sleep.

The quality and depth of your sleep will determine the way you function in the daytime. I have previously written a blog post on how to get a deeper sleep. Check it out for easy and doable tips that can help you develop healthy sleep habits: How to get a deep sleep (link the text:

Feeling energetic and well rested allows you to be the best version of yourself. I hope that following these tips will help you to beat daytime lethargy!





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