How to get involved in your community

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Author: Isha

How to become involved in the community:

Donations are a common way to become involved in the community. Food banks, libraries, and homeless shelters are only some of the organizations that collect monetary or material donations.

We can also help these organizations by volunteering our time. You can find volunteer opportunities through your school. Almost all schools have some form of clubs and/or organizations, which support different causes (ex: environment, mental health, school spirit). Your school is a large network of resources, such as staff, and other students. This creates a positive and comfortable environment for you to start volunteering.

The internet can be your best friend as it consists of a vast database of volunteer opportunities from all across the city. For instance, the City of Calgary and the website Propellus list a variety of opportunities and allow you to filter and choose positions that interest you. Be careful when searching to ensure you find legitimate and reliable sources. Finding contacts from the organization’s official website is the best idea. Take a look around their website to see what the process is to begin volunteering with them. Requirements will vary from organization to organization.

Why is it important?

Every day, we should strive to become better versions of ourselves by seeking a multitude of learning experiences. As a youth, we hold a sense of social responsibility, and becoming involved in the community helps you to grow and develop both intrapersonal and social skills.

Furthermore, volunteering has been scientifically proven to have physical and mental health benefits. For instance, research shows that volunteer work can reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, and aid a longer lifespan. There are various volunteering opportunities waiting for you, so why not make a positive difference?