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Establishing Effective Time Management Habits

Author: Isha

As we move on through the years, we will have more and more tasks on our plate, such as completing homework, assignments, taking part in clubs, or teams. Time management is an integral skill that comes in handy when tackling these jobs. Here are five tips to help you manage your time:

Prioritize: The key to time management is prioritizing. It is important to discern what is important and what is not. For instance, we often get carried away on our phones texting or catching up on social media. Let’s admit it, we all procrastinate! Later on in the evening you will be rushed to complete tasks, which affects the outcome of the tasks. The main way to kill this bad habit, is to monitor and control yourself.

Be self-critical: When you catch yourself procrastinating, ask yourself what is more important? It is definitely easier said than done, but it is important to look at the positive side of things. If you get your urgent work completed to the best of your ability, you have time to plan ahead or find time for yourself.

Take breaks: After every task or if the task is larger, maybe in the mid-way, take a break. This is the time to go on your phone, grab a snack, or watch a little TV. This way, you will not get bored of what you are doing. You may also find that you work more efficiently and remember information better when you give your brain a break.

Do not multitask: Multitasking will leave you confused, as opposed to being focused. Take tasks one at a time. Absorbing your full focus into something will likely make you both productive and efficient.

Stay organized: Make a mental list, record your tasks on your phone, or write them down. It will make the chances of you forgetting to do something slimmer. How much of our day is wasted 30% of our day looking for misplaced items? Mitigate that by ensuring your surroundings are neat and tidy, so you will not struggle to find items that you need.

Time management is a tough habit to form, but remember that if you work towards making it a habit, the outcome will be positive!

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