Why when I get a good mark on a test am I disappointed and stressed that I didn’t get 100%?

Getting a mark off a test or quiz is stressful, even when your score is high. It sounds like you’re someone that sincerely cares and puts in effort to succeed in school. When you have this strong desire to do well, it can be quite disappointing when you don’t get the results that you want or was expecting, even if you still get a good mark.  Sometimes our expectations of ourselves are like ‘shifting goal-posts,’ and even though we may do well at something, we don’t give ourselves recognition because we feel like we continually ought to do better than the last time. It’s discouraging for anyone when it happens, because it’s hard to feel happy when you’re not satisfied.

Constantly having to feel with the stress from school is quite mentally draining , and it’s helpful to have ways to cope. Even though it may not be easy, trying to focus on what you did well could help to distract you from these thoughts. Talking to someone could also let you get some of the stress off your chest. With that being said, don’t hesitate to call ConnecTeen at 403 264 8336 or you can reach us through text at 587 333 2724, we’re hear to listen to you and support you.