High on Stress

Author: Plusle

I went through this period where I used stress to my advantage. I would tell myself that everything had a deadline and that if I didn’t get them done horrible things would happen. For a short amount of time, that strategy worked. I would study, read, and do assignments ahead of time.

I started out with just small amounts of stress to get through things like reading or studying, but soon I needed to be more stressed to get to things like paper or assignments and large amounts of stress would appear right before tests.

Being stressed was extremely exhausting which made it impossible to keep being stressed for every single thing. I quickly realized that this was not something I could keep doing since I could see the stress affecting both how I feel and how I look (yay pimples). I needed to stop.

Using stress as a motivator consistently is not a sustainable strategy nor will it get me far if I’m too tired to get out of bed.

Stress is great in the moment, for that small boost of energy to help you get moving but feeling stressed long term can have really negative effects on your health and that’s something I didn’t realize until I started feeling physically unwell. I used stress as some sort of high, a sort of motivation to do work but this wasn’t a sustainable way of working myself and I can tell you now that it isn’t a sustainable way of working for you either.

So hey! Let’s do this together, let’s combat this stress.

Let’s take some time to de-stress and bring ourselves back to baseline instead of constantly having our stress levels rise until we overdose on it.

What activities do you enjoy? For me, I play video games, read, and nap. A little stress is fine, but try not to have excessive amounts.

When life has you stressed and you can’t seem to shake it, talk to us.

By: Plusle