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How can I cope with getting triggered by seeing other people’s self harm scars/cuts in public as someone who is trying to recover from self harm?

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That’s a really good question. Recovering from self harm is tough enough as it is, without seeing it in public as well, and it’s completely understandable that you may be having a hard time with this. Knowing that other people’s scars or cuts trigger you is a good start to figuring out how to cope with it – coping looks different for everyone!


When you’re out in public, it can be difficult to access your normal coping methods, so separating yourself from whatever is triggering you is important. If you need to sit by yourself and breathe for a few minutes, do that. And if you are able to, reaching out to somebody who you trust when you are feeling triggered and talking to them for a little while might help.


Self harm isn’t easy to recover from and it takes time – and that is okay!


If you ever feel you need further support with this, or anything else, please consider giving us a call at (403)264-8336, or texting us at (587)333-2724.

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