How do I cut toxic people out of my life without causing drama

It’s definitely really stressful to have people in our life that we feel are being toxic towards us but we can’t really end our relationship with them. Especially if we’ve known that person or those people for a while. It might be difficult right now to end this relationship but in the long term it ensures you can have more positive relationships in the future.


Because every situation and circumstance is different and has its own effects, we, at ConnecTeen, aren’t always in the best position to give advice. However, one way that may be helpful when considering what do to in interactions with close friends and loved ones is to compare and contrast what potential outcomes might be. What I mean by this is that, first, consider what would be the absolute worst result if you cut off, say, just one of those toxic people in your life? How would they react? How would your other friends react? Now, think about the best result? How do you think these people would respond? In what ways would this affect your relationship with them? How would this help you cut off other toxic people in your life in the future? Now that you’ve considered the worst and best results, what do you think would realistically happen? How will this impact your relationship with those people? How do you think this will impact your life?


After considering the worst and best possibilities, now it’s for you to decide whether cutting off these people is the best decision to make right now.


Of course, cutting off anyone in your life, no matter the relationship you’ve had with them, is tough. There’s no doubt about it. With that being said, if you want to discuss the matter further, please feel free to contact ConnecTeen directly through text or call!