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How do I find a place for faith and spirituality in my life?

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Hey, thanks for reaching out to us. It’s so great that you’re exploring deeper questions and finding out where you stand. It seems like your spirituality is really strong, and that’s having a really good impact on your life. Finding what you believe in really helps shape your individual identity, and questioning your faith is really important in exploring your beliefs. We know that faith can be a difficult path, and sometimes it seems like there’s no tangible answer, but it’s awesome that you’re searching.


It sounds like your book is really interesting! Seems like it’s posing a lot of different opinions that might not make sense to you right now. Just keep in mind, the book you’re reading is an opinion by the author. It demonstrates a perspective on faith, however, it’s not necessarily a “rule book”. While you’re exploring your spirituality and your walk in faith, perhaps try going back to the roots of your faith and take a look at any official Holy Texts. For example, Christians follow the teachings of the Bible, Muslims follow the teachings of the Quran, Jewish people follow the teachings of the Talmud, and so on. It could also be a good idea to check in with your religious leaders or members of the same faith if you have any questions.


A lot of the time, we can find clarification and comfort by just talking to people we trust. Even talking to friends and family might be a great idea, or chatting with us at ConnecTeen. Confirming your beliefs and finding what faith means for you is a challenging journey. There’s bound to be ups and downs in everything that we do in life. It’s completely normal to feel guilty at times; a lot of people who have a faith system face the emotions that you’re feeling. You’re not alone in your spiritual walk.


Just remember, as you’re exploring your faith, it’s good to take care of all aspects of your life too. If you find that these questions are bothering you too much, maybe take a breather and do something you like. Self-care is super important, and it could be anything from taking a walk, or listening to music, to doing a sport you love. Remember to not let the guilt or shame take over. Faith IS a long journey, and there’s no easy answer. Don’t think that you have to keep these questions and emotions to yourself. These feelings are totally valid and you have people who care about you and support you, so if you’re comfortable, reach out to them.


Feel free to contact us as well at ConnecTeen, by calling us at 403-264-8336, texting us at 587-333-2724, and chatting with us through our website which is We’ll be more than happy to chat with you and talk about whatever is on your mind.


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