I’m struggling with my mental health and I’m getting help but why don’t I want to get better?

That’s a great question, and also one without an obvious answer. Thank you so much for asking this. Struggling with mental health can be really difficult to deal with, no matter your situation. Overcoming theses mental health problems can sometimes be even harder. In fact, many people who are having mental health problems often struggle along the way to feel better, even when they’re getting help from professionals and others who they trust.

If you feel like you don’t want to get better, it might be helpful to think and explore what is making you feel that way as not everyone’s mental health struggles are the same. Is it part of your mental health issues themselves? Or is it something else entirely? If you don’t know, that’s okay too, what you’re feeling isn’t abnormal and you’re totally capable of getting through all the difficult things you’ve been experiencing.

It might also be beneficial to ask yourself, “Does anyone else know that I don’t want to get better?” If someone does know, do you think talking to them might help you? However, if the answer is no, do you have anyone, like a mental health professional or a trusted friend or family member, to talk to about how you’re feeling? Talking with people you trust may help you figure out some of the things you’ve been feeling.

During these times where you’re really struggling with your mental health, it is important to take care of yourself even in little ways. Along with talking about how you’ve been feeling, it might also help you to take a walk, listen to some music or do whatever you think will help relax you.

But no matter what happens, it’s great that you’re able to recognize that you don’t think you don’t want to get better. Acknowledging these kinds of things isn’t easy and even by reaching out to us, you’re already making a step forward.

Please feel free to chat online with us at calgaryconnecteen.com or text us at (587) 333-2724 if you ever need to. You can also call us at (403) 264-8336 at any time of day to get help. Our peer support hours (where you get to talk with another teen) are available on our website. Any of the volunteers here will be happy to talk with you about anything that’s on your mind.