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I am depressed and I want to get help

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I am pretty sure I am depressed and I want to get help. But I don’t want my parents to find out.

First of all it’s fantastic that you’re reaching out for help. Depression can be such a lonely, isolating, and scary feeling. Recognizing that something is wrong and having the bravery to want help takes a lot of courage. If there is anything I have learned in my life, it’s that whatever you are felling is valid; otherwise you wouldn’t feel it. You know yourself better than anyone and if you are feeling differently, it’s worth exploring. Depression is something so many people face, but it’s best to not have to go through it alone.

You also know your parents better than anyone else, so you probably know how they’ll react to a situation like this. Some parents will handle this situation entirely differently than others.  No two parents are alike, so no advice will apply for everyone. If you fear your parents will react negatively to this or are simply uncomfortable with them knowing you are seeking/receiving help, that is okay. At the end of the day its your health and your safety that is important.

School counselors are often a wonderful resource that you can see at your own discretion, when it works for you. Since you go probably go to school every day anyways, it won’t be difficult to keep your parents from finding out. You can also contact us here at ConnecTeen, we have daily chat, text, and calling, as well as limited counselling at our downtown location that we can set you up with if need be.

Remember that you aren’t alone and people are out there who want to help you.

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