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Motivation: The foundation to your success

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Author: Isha

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in schools closing, and may have led to your after-school activities being cancelled and the loss a part-time job. If you’re finding it hard to stay motivated right now, that is understandable. And if you’ve spent more time than usual day dreaming or have found yourself struggling to finish a task or avoid distraction, that’s okay.

Adjusting to a world in the midst of a global pandemic isn’t about being as productive as possible. But for many, feeling productive or focusing on self-improvement can benefit their mental health. If that applies to you, these tips may help you rediscover your motivation.

Tip 1: Think backwards.

Instead of initially thinking about the task you have to complete, think about all the things that you can enjoy when you are free of your commitments. Understand what excites you and what you want as your break. Use these incentives to help you start the activity and complete it. However, make sure that you do not rush your work, or else it will impede your ability to completely enjoy your leisure time as you may face negative consequences due a poorly accomplished task.

Tip 2: Deconstruct your task (regardless of its complexity) into small steps.

Following a steady step by step process will help you overcome the fear of being overwhelmed by a large task. Just start with step one! The best way to create a cycle of motivation is to start with the smallest step and proceed towards the next one. Finding success in a small part of your journey will bring momentum and thus, you will be automatically motivated to continue along the same path.

Tip 3: Talk to people.

If you are going through a low and unmotivated phase, tell your friends and family. They are the best people to give you a reality check or a pep talk to get you back on your feet. Tell them to check in with you to see how you’re progressing.

Tip 4: Ask yourself questions about your progress.

When it comes to motivating yourself, self-reflection is an important tool. Through this, you will be able to identify the areas where you want to perform better. It also allows you to celebrate your completed accomplishments and understand what aspects of that process were successful; you can implement the same techniques to your current task.

My final word to you will be the quote: “The distance between your dreams and reality is called action.” Your hard work and dedication will lead you to positive outcomes, so motivate yourself and the people around you to achieve success!

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