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New Year, New You?

Author: Isha

New Year’s resolutions are a hot topic during this time of the year. There are several connotations related to this subject, some being negative and positive. It is important to identify the negative and positive aspects of how the media presents such ideas. The media gives New Year’s resolutions a sense of importance and creates an expectation out of the public to make and share their own.

The main pros of New Year’s resolutions are:

  1. Creating such resolutions forces you to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses, which some of us forget to do otherwise. Some of us need a deadline or some type of alert to help us in this process.
  2. Resolutions might inspire you to step up and act for your betterment. When you hear other people’s ideas or goals, it could motivate you to similarly think about certain aspects in your life.

However, through some of the research I have done, I found that New Year’s resolutions are not always as beneficial as they seem. The resolutions encouraged by the media are often general, therefore they are difficult to track and accomplish. For example, common resolution suggestions are losing weight, going on a diet, saving money, or developing a new hobby. These are great ideas, but in order to follow through with them it is more practical to make smaller goals that lead to such outcomes. An entire year is often too large of a time frame in which you could easily procrastinate or even forget about your resolution.

An entire year is often too large of a time frame in which you could easily procrastinate or even forget about your resolution.”

People often feel the pressure to make New Year’s resolutions in December or January, but goals can and should be made throughout the year. Just because it is a new year, your chances of achieving resolutions you set do not automatically improve. Instead, one should analyze and track their goals more often or simply at a pace that suits their abilities.

Instead of following the “New Year, new me” concept, it is better to follow the “New Year, better me” idea. You don’t need to nor is it realistic to completely change yourself into a new person. Trying to consistently better yourself throughout the months and many coming years is a better goal. With that being said, I wish all of you a happy New Year full of happiness and success!


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