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You ask… ConnecTeen answers.

Do you have questions but don’t know who to ask?  Are you ready to reach out for support but you aren’t sure how? At Peer Talk you will find information and real life answers on the top concerns we hear about at ConnecTeen.

If you have a question, or want information you can’t find here, ask a teen volunteer today!

Submit your question here. Our teen volunteers will respond to your question within 3-5 business days and answers will be posted back to the Peer Talk section of the ConnecTeen Website. Peer Talk was designed in this way because we believe that if one person has a question, there are many more people who may also have the same question. For this reason, questions posted to Peer Talk may be answered in a manner similar to a blog post that is accessible to the public. If you feel as though your specific question wasn’t answered we highly encourage you to contact us.  For the most immediate response please call us 24/7 at 403-264-TEEN (8336).

Please note that not all submitted questions are answered on the Peer Talk page.

Why aren’t some questions answered?

  • Sometimes we get questions requiring an answer beyond ConnecTeen’s abilities. Our volunteers are just that, volunteers. Our volunteers are trained in crisis intervention and peer support, but they’re not mental health professionals. Questions needing the experience and knowledge of a professional won’t be answered by our volunteers. If you’d like information about how to contact a mental health professional please contact ConnecTeen through text, email, online chat or phone. Also, you can also call 211 anytime and ask the information and referral staff for information on how to get in contact with a mental health professional.
  • Some questions need a quicker response than Peer Talk can offer. There are many types of risk people can face in their lives like suicide, abuse, drug overdose, and many others. Risk related questions are extremely important, and so is your safety. These types of questions need to be answered fast, with a conversation between you and a volunteer/professional. If you’re in a situation where your safety may be at risk, please contact us through text, email, phone, or online chat.
  • A question like yours has already been answered. Take look through some of the recent posts to the Peer Talk section. Often a question similar to yours will have already been answered.

If your question hasn’t been posted to the Peer Talk page within 7 business days of when you sent it, a response is not going to be posted. If this is the case, we highly encourage you to contact us via email, text, online chat, or phone.

Make sure you check back regularly for new insights from our teen volunteers.

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