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Summer school has me so stressed out and i just feel lost

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It sounds like you’ve had to deal with a lot being on your plate this summer. I might not know exactly what your situation is like, but from personal experiences, I’ve seen how hard and stressful summer school courses can be. Because they have to cram an entire half-year long semester’s-worth of course material into just a few weeks, the teachers always rush their lessons and give unbelievable amounts of homework to compensate, which just makes it harder to get the grades you want. Not to mention, it’s SUMMER, so you have to deal with all that stress during the time that you’d want to just relax. I really think that no one can blame you or think you’re spoiled for feeling the way you are about your school work load. Of course, there are always problems in life that could be considered “much worse” than what you might have to deal with, but that doesn’t take away from the struggle and adversity you have to go through. What matters is that you’re going through some really tough times relative to your life circumstances and you really deserve to be heard and to be able to talk about everything you’ve had to go through.


Just like any time we experience stress, it can be helpful to know what ways we have in our pocket to cope. For some people, making a list of coping strategies (like writing in a journal, going for a run, or listening to your favourite song) can be helpful so that when you feel that stress coming on, you can look at the list and pick out the best strategy. It could be beneficial to just talk to someone and get all of your stress and worries out on the table.


We, at ConnecTeen, are always available for a call or text if you’d like to be able to talk to someone without worry of judgement or breaking confidentiality. We would be happy to discuss what has been going on and may even be able to work with you to come up with strategies to help you move forward.



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