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The best places to study (and places to avoid)

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Author: Isha

As spring is here and summer is around the corner, you may feel that you cannot enjoy the weather because you have to stay home and study. But just because you need to study, does not mean you must stay cooped up at home. In this post, I will share some different places where you can study and a few places where you definitely should not be studying.

Why is your work environment important?

The environment you study in is more important than you think and often times we do not think about the places we work in. A clean and comfortable space is important for your working time as you can optimize your productiveness and concentration. Homework is not the most entertaining activity for most of us, as it can be stressful or sometimes we want to spend our time in activities which are more appealing. It is important to reflect upon your studying habits, as not every environment will suit your tastes.

Think about what resources (ex: teachers, computers, books) you need whilst studying and also recognize what your distractions are. For instance, phones, television, and sometimes food are common distractions that you should avoid when creating a study space. A good tip to follow is to use your distractions as a break. You can use your phone, watch television, or eat, as a break from your working time. This will create a healthy balance instead of you trying to multitask and ultimately feel frustrated.

What are some good places to study?

A common and seemingly comfortable place to study is your bed, but this is definitely not a productive place to study. Your bed is a place of comfort and relaxation, so productiveness will feel out of scope when you try to study. Nearby coffee shops are a great place to study if you prefer an environment that is calm but not completely silent. It is also an appropriate place to meet up with friends or classmates to work on group projects or even create a study group.

Among the obvious, your school library or a local library is a great place to get work done and have access to resources, such as the librarian, books, computers, and printers. With the weather warming up, we are often tempted to go outside and enjoy it, but work pulls us back. The perfect solution to this is to take your work to local park or, if accessible, you can even study in your own backyard! This will create a balance between your enjoyment and productivity.

Oftentimes, schools have help times outside of instructional hours. Through these allocated times you can have access to teachers and other resources that you otherwise might not have at home.

I hope you find an interesting, balanced, and most importantly fun place to study!

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