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University Applications 101


Author: Isha

With university applications deadlines around the corner, it is important to be completely aware of how to navigate your way through this process. Start off by choosing your first choice of program so that you have general idea of what faculties to look into at each university. At the same time, it is equally important to keep a second choice of program. This program should have a lower admission average so that there is a higher chance to receive acceptance.

Rank at least 3 of the universities you want to go to.

Several factors can account for how you rank your school choices. First, decide on a school based on you financial situation and consider how you will be able to fund your university experience. If you feel like you want to apply outside of the province you will obviously need to consider the living costs (ie: residence, food plans, tuition). Furthermore, you must consider your future plans after you attain your undergraduate degree. Do you want to pursue graduate studies (ie: masters, medicine, law)? This could also influence your choice of school and programs as gaining more degrees means more investments in the future.

The choices of schools you apply for are also dependent on the programs you want to pursue. Do you want a school with a good research reputation? Or a school which offers co-op? Are you comfortable with a smaller or larger class size? Asking yourself these questions will refine and help you narrow down to your final choices. Once you become serious about your schools would not be a bad idea to attend the open house. This way you can ask questions and clear any confusion so that your application process proceeds smoothly.

Apply early!

Applying to your schools early will help you get over the process efficiently. With this, seats fill up fast so you want to make sure that you assure your spot. Applying early also helps you clear up your schedule before school starts to get super busy. With the remainder of the time you can start applying for scholarships instead of working on applications. However, this does not mean you rush your applications. Make sure you fully look over your mark inputs, transcript submission, and other personal information yields. Be honest by not skewing your mark averages because this will ultimately cause your application to get revoked.

Good luck applying!

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