When adults say, “You’ll understand when you’re older”

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Author: Plusle

Have you noticed that thing adults say to you when you ask questions about mature topics? I mean, of course you don’t know because you’ll understand when you’re older. /sarcasm

One reason I hate this response is because it assumes you have some sort of incapability to understand simple words. It automatically assigns stupidity on you because APPARENTLY the only way to understand is with age.

I am completely against this because I believe everyone has the capacity to learn new things even if it is not something they have personally experienced. I also believe children should be treated as beings with potential and saying that they can’t understand is demeaning and invalidating. What is the point of inquiring if no one will answer your question? Asking questions takes guts and is a valuable skill to have, yet it is frowned upon because of age? Nu-uh, I do not approve.

I think it’s wrong to assume that because of your age you will not understand certain concepts or topics.

You are smart and you are able to understand, but what I think people are forgetting is that we all have different perspectives, interpretations and appraisals of certain situations and I believe that that is what changes with age. A certain situation can mean the end of the world to someone who is young but to someone who is older it may not affect them as much and vice versa but that doesn’t necessarily mean that both parties do not understand, they just have different perspectives on it which is okay.

Keeping information from youth is unfair too because regardless of age, one day they will have to know this knowledge. I hope when people tell you, “You’ll understand when you’re older,” you don’t get discouraged because you can understand and that’s what they don’t understand.