I’m 13 but I’m very mature and look older and I’m pregnant…

I’m moving out but if I were to give birth at a hospital, would they take my baby away because I’m so young? Or contact my parents?

Thank you for reaching out to ConnecTeen. If you are under the age of 18 and have a baby, the hospital would be concerned if there are no adults involved to help you look after the baby. We are not sure what actions the hospital might take but some of the possibilities could be: the hospital social worker may contact your parents or contact Child Intervention Services. Usually, these services are wanting to help you and ensure you and your baby have a good life so don’t be scared.

Again, these are possible scenarios that could take place if you are under 18. If you would like more specific information about this, you could either contact 811 (Health link) or 403-297-2995 (Southern Alberta Child Intervention Services). You can remain anonymous when you call either of them and they may be able to give you more accurate information about your rights as a teen parent. Alternatively, you can contact Calgary Legal Guidance regarding legal implications of having a child when you are under 18. You can contact them at 403-234-9266 or visit their website at www.clg.ab.ca.

We hope that one of these avenues can answer your question since we are not certain about the outcome in your situation. Please feel free to email/text/chat/call us, if you have more questions or need support.