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Are you a like-aholic?

Author: Jace

Followers, friends, views, shares, streaks, likes… the list goes on.  As harmless and fun as they may seem can it all become too much sometimes?

Social media used to be a way to connect and share with family and friends. It was designed to be a positive way to include people in your life!  In so many ways social media was and still is extremely positive.

Instagram encourages creativity and individuality. While Twitter allows users to share and explore a variety of thoughts and opinions.  Facebook connects people through photos, statuses, and personalized profiles.

Social media was created to be an entertaining and effective way for us to keep in touch with people we care about.

Social media was created to be an entertaining and effective way for us to keep in touch with people we care about. But as it has evolved you can’t deny the numerous pressures and anxieties social media has created for its users, particularly teens. Look at the endless number of social media accounts with thousands of friends or followers.

So many teenagers make it their goal to achieve these crazy numbers, no matter the time and cost.

With this goal comes the struggle to design the best account with the most beautiful pictures, the wittiest captions, the best “shares” and the most likes. It can be a a lot to take on and can even cause stress and anxiety for teens who are already be dealing with all the other challenges of being a teenager.

The problem is that people equate social media praise or popularity with a desire all people have: likability. People use their account’s success as a self-confidence boost. And if someone really craves this extra confidence, getting hooked on likes isn’t all that hard. The trouble then is if that person measures themselves and their worth based on how many likes or followers they’re getting.

Now don’t get me wrong, everyone enjoys seeing a photo or post get a lot of likes and attention. And that’s okay.

It’s when this desire for validation starts to cause stress or anxiety that it becomes an issue.

If you see yourself reflected in this description, you’re not alone. So many teenagers feel the need to be popular on social media!

If you see yourself as a like-aholic first I want to say good job for knowing yourself and seeking help. That’s impressive! I encourage you to consider your account, then what and who you love for real.  After thinking things through, take the steps you know will help you to focus on what’s most important to you.

If you focus your effort on the things you love, who knows? Maybe you’ll feel accomplished and confident in yourself… instead of your likes.

Struggling with social media addiction? We can help. Talk to us by phone, chat, text or email.

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