5 podcasts and books for teens

img des: Person in a book store, sitting on the floor and reading a book.

Author: Isha

With COVID-19 restrictions still in place, I thought to share my top five picks of books and podcasts to look into! Books and podcasts are great ways to fill up your free time while learning something new. Most of these materials are available digitally. I tried to include both fictional and non-fiction options that cater to a variety of interests and topics!

1. The Alchemist (fictional novel, by Paulo Coelho)

This novel follows the journey of a boy named Santagio as he travels from Spain to Egypt in pursuit of finding a treasure. The plot delves into the deeper meanings of goals, fears, and purposes in life. This one is a personal favorite from a high school English class because it was both interesting and easy to follow. Learn more.

2. MentalMusic (podcast)

MentalMusic is an Australian based podcast which discusses various topics surrounding mental health. It has touched topics such as insomnia, bullying, friendships, and depression. This is a great way to get tips to cope with issues and simply learn more about mental health. Learn more.

3. Ted Talks Daily (podcast)

You have probably seen some Ted Talks and Ted Talks Daily are audio formats of Ted Talks. They cover a variety of topics from the sciences to social issues and provide unique perspectives through engaging speakers. Learn more.

4. The Truths We Hold (Young Readers Edition) (non-fiction book, by Kamala Harris)

Written by Kamala Harris and adapted for younger audiences, this read seems interesting to explore! Kamala Harris is a prominent and increasingly important figure in world politics. Learning about her journey to being the first African American and South Asian American woman to take on the role as a vice president is inspiring and valuable. Learn more.

5. Teenager Therapy (podcast)

This platform caught my eye as one of the podcasts discussed acne and skin insecurities, which is something I struggle with myself. Created by teenagers, this podcast touches problems and ideas that we see come up in our life. A perspective from someone who has been through the same issues makes it relatable and relevant! Learn more.