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Stop waiting for your passions to find you

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Author: Heena

The question I had always dreaded the most in my life was: “What do you want to do in the future?” From the day we can walk on our own two legs, we have been bombarded with that question. Despite the many years I had to formulate an answer, I always found myself at a loss of words.

I never knew what I wanted to do with my life, or even what I enjoyed. But as a young kid I always thought that one day I would eventually figure it out. I thought with time, the answer would come – that a light bulb would go off in my head and I would just know. I waited year after year for the light bulb to go off and for me to finally find that dream.

But as grade ten arrived I found myself still at a loss, with absolutely no direction in my life.

I had to confront the reality that I did not know what I was doing. I had expected that somehow, magically along the way. I would discover a passion. But that’s not how life works. There are no light bulbs and sudden moments of clarity that give you insight to the rest of your life. Your dreams don’t find you, you find them, nourish them and let them grow.

Your dreams don’t find you, you find them, nourish them and let them grow.

You are not born with your passions or a predetermined path. Life is about forging that path and creating your own future. There is no way to find out what your heart wants and what’s best for your future by sitting around. You have to put the work up front instead of just knowing what you will love. So if you are like any other teenager searching for your purpose. Invest your time into something, whether it’s sports, school or art. There is no wrong path to explore. If it’s not figuring out what you like, figure out what you don’t like and can definitely cross off the list. Reflection is important too, learn and discover your talents, values and become aware of what you want.

Narrow down your choices and reflect on what best suits you. There’s no guarantee that you’ll find a definitive answer but as you become more aware of your preferences, you can start steering yourself in that direction. With time you will eventually reach your goals, but you need to take the first step in order to do so.

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