Why do I feel the constant need to be sad?

Hi there,

Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out and ask about this, that is a great question.

Sadness is normal for all of us to feel, and sometimes we just need to be sad. Everyone is different, and we all react differently when we are faced with challenges.

It is important to recognize where the feelings of sadness are coming from, because feelings can pile up on us. For example, feeling guilty and undeserving, or the feelings you get when you struggle with school or have a disagreement with friends. When the feelings pile up, it can be hard to get out of the cycle of always feeling sad or wanting to feel sad. This is normal and understandable, and anyone facing such challenges could feel that way. It is important to realize what we are feeling and where those feelings are coming from, and even though it can be hard to break that cycle, that we are also deserving of happiness. To help with that self-reflection, it might be good to ask yourself “What is making me feel the need to be sad?” so that you can slowly identify what is contributing to these thoughts and emotions.

Sometimes we go through rough patches and forget what it feels like to feel positive emotions like joy, gratitude, inspiration, amusement, and hope. Without those sad feelings though, we wouldn’t know what it feels like to be happy, and that is just as important as taking the time to feel sadness. So it’s okay to feel sad, but know that you are allowed to feel happy as well.

If you ever feel like you don’t know who to go to or where to turn to be able to express your feelings, you are always welcome to chat in with us! Sometimes when we are feeling sad, it is good to relieve ourselves of that weight by expressing it through conversation. You can text in with us at 587-333-2724 or call us at 403-264-TEEN (403-264-8336) if you want to talk about this more.

ConnecTeen Volunteer