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A Call 4 Help


Join ConnecTeen volunteers Tayler, Jessi, Mitch and Rory as they work together to fight the dark force that causes sadness.

A Call 4 Help is the custom comic collaboration of ConnecTeen and ZEDS Comic Communication. The artistic talents of Taylor Quinn, Steele J. Duncan and Matthew G. Nyitrai were essential in bringing this project to life.

To learn more about the characters in A Call 4 Help, check out their background stories below.

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Ashlyn Fate

Occupation : Volunteer Coordinator ConnecTeen

Place of Birth : Juliaca, Peru

Immediate Family : Unknown

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Descendant from a line of Inca Princesses, Ashlyn is a Spectre able to feel and affect the forces of the Universe to create harmony. Ashlyn cannot alter time or reality but instead places herself where she feels her physical presence can do the most good.


Drawn to Calgary by alternating forces of good and evil, Ashlyn will be a mentor, shaman and guide the ConnecTeens using her knowledge of El Mundo Magico. Ashlyn is an ancient soul locked in a mortal body that does not age and lives a secret normal life with her boyfriend Bret. Bret is an advertising executive and they live in a 100 year old home in Mount Royal.

Career Aspirations : Mentor to the ConnecTeens

Secret Mission : Bring harmony to the Universe and end distressing sadness.



Jessi Range

Student Status : First year General Studies Mount Royal University

Place of Birth : Los Angeles, California

Immediate Family : None Living

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The ability to fly fast enough to attain the speed of sound. Her power comes with a drawback: she has no super strength or invulnerability, so flight sometimes comes with danger and pain as well.


Jessi’s Dad, Robert, was a computer engineer with University of Southern California and hired to work in Alberta’s Oil Sands. In his spare time he created a social media Application that was bought by Google for $2 Billion. His partner Adolph, though already rich beyond measure, was jealous of the money and fame Robert received after the sale. Adolph tampered with the airplane that was to take Jessi, Robert and her mom for a celebratory vacation. Fate intervened and Jessi stayed home while her parents died in a fiery crash, leaving all the money to her. Jessi became an 18-year-old multi-billionaire.

Filled with grief, Jessi also became an adrenalin junkie constantly courting death with risky sports and experimental drugs. Adolph was named her guardian and stood to inherit it all if she were to die so he supplied her with every kind of drug, hoping to speed her towards death. Finally, he sabotaged her parachute during a free fall of 25,000 feet. It seems the combination of drugs, adrenalin and fear as she plummeted to earth created her ability to fly. Presuming she was also invincible, Jessi flew into a forest, clipped a tree and plunged to the ground, spending 5 days injured until she was discovered by hikers. Soon after Adolph tried to have Jessi declared mentally unfit, but was unsuccessful. Jessi reached out to ConnecTeen during her recovery and decided to volunteer once she was able. Jessi lives in the Penthouse of the Calgary Tower after buying the entire tower on a whim.

Career Aspirations : Finish University and use her wealth to create a better society.

Secret Mission : To prove her Dad’s partner is a murderer and bring him to justice.



Mitch Kazim

Student Status : Second Year Engineering University of Calgary

Place of Birth : Khorugh, Tajikistan

Immediate Family : Mother – Rasheda, Brother – Malik

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Mitch has an above genius IQ, and excels in both theoretical and applied physics. Mitch’s gift lies in his vision, an ability to unify the 10 dimensions of string theory (or M Theory) and invent equipment to harness the dark matter of life. He’d be too modest to say it, but he’s a cross between Iron Man, Batman and Rajesh Koothrappali.


Both of Mitch’s parents were physicists working to create cold fusion technology to support their energy-poor country into the future. One day while 5-year old Mitch was visiting his parents’ lab, he wrote out a formula finally proving their concept was both viable and practical.

Mitch’s father took the discovery to his uncle; the head of the country’s energy department, only to have the uncle kill him. The uncle was receiving significant kickbacks to maintain the status quo. Mitch, his brother Malik and their mother fled to Canada as refugees and settled in Calgary where she works as a high school chemistry teacher. Mitch, an inventor, will not show his creations to anyone for fear they will result in the murder of his mother. He is careful to get good enough marks to get scholarships but never to reveal his genius. Mitch decided to volunteer at ConnecTeen after seeing his mother call in to the Distress Centre for help with her depression. Mitch lives with his mom and brother in a modest house in Taradale.

Career Aspirations : Become an inventor of safe, harmless technologies to allow his mother to retire and get help with her depression.

Secret Mission : To use his genius to help people in distress.



Rory Thomas

Student Status : Grade 12 Calgary French and International School

Place of Birth : Montreal, Quebec

Immediate Family : Father Jacques, Mother Danielle, Brother Patrick

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Not “powers” per se, but known for her excellence and determination


Rory is the ultimate high achieving child of two intellectual elites. Dean’s List, Head Cheerleader and voted most popular girl in school. Rory was encouraged to volunteer in order to earn a scholarship to Cambridge. She chose ConnecTeen initially because her academic advisor said it would look great on her applications. Little did she know her curiosity would lead her on a path to distressing sadness. Knowing the ConnecTeen volunteers in her training group had special powers Rory, through a series of events comes in contact with Sebastian Alberto Delacroix (SAD). Rory’s future is not yet set; can she survive an encounter with SAD? Will her ConnecTeen volunteer training help? What is in store for Rory when she sends out… “A Call 4 Help!”?

Career Aspirations : Attend Cambridge and work for the UN.

Secret Mission : Become a better person



Tayler Rivers

Student Status : Grade 11 Western Canada High School

Place of Birth : Calgary, Alberta

Immediate Family : Father – Steve Rivers

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Psychic ability to “feel” distressing sadness and observe the events behind the emotion. Though she can see them, Tayler is unable to alter past events in her own life or the lives of others, but she is 90% accurate in predicting the future.


Tayler’s mom Susanna, a woman with a deep and mysterious past, died giving birth to Tayler. This triggered the psychic abilities that later appeared in Tayler. Her father became aware of her visions and cautioned her to keep them secret in fear of Tayler being ostracized by society. Taylor and her Dad live in a small Second World War-era house on the Bow River in Bowness. Tayler is an average student. Her Dad’s fear of her being labeled a “freak” forces her into a lonely existence. Tayler decided to volunteer for ConnecTeen after seeing the position posted online. Initially hoping to gain work experience, Tayler proved herself as a quiet leader and gained the respect and admiration of her peers and supervisor. Tayler has discovers there is an entity present when people feel distressing sadness, but is unable to confront it alone.

Career Aspirations : Attend University and obtain a degree in Psychology.

Secret Mission : Unmask the entity responsible for causing people to lose their will to live.



Sebastian Alberto Delacroix (SAD)

Status : String Entity

Place of Birth : Unknown

Immediate Family : Unknown

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Able to inflict hopelessness and despair on people who have had traumatic events befall them. SAD feeds off the suffering and pain of people, becoming more even more powerful if his victim is a youth.


SAD is a product of the force of evil in conflict with the forces of good. Why do “normal” people with so much to live for commit suicide? Why does depression tear families apart and shatter lives in some and not others? The answer lies in the entity known as SAD. Every culture has a different explanation for his beginnings. SAD lives nowhere and everywhere but is most attracted to places where youthful optimism is in conflict with crushing despair. Where there is prosperity, SAD is often there.

Secret Mission : There is no secret to his mission. The more loneliness and despair he can cause, the longer he remains active and the more powerful he becomes.


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