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An Important Lifestyle Choice: Fitness

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Author: Isha

Your academic and social life can be affected by your lifestyle habits. Research proves that regular fitness habits can aid to better your attention span, memory, reduce your stress levels and consequently, enhance your learning. Health and fitness are important interrelated factors. In this article I will share some tips on how you can take your fitness in your own hands.

The first idea that comes to mind when you think of starting to exercise regularly, is probably getting a gym membership. However, a monthly gym membership fee can range from anywhere from $30 to $150 and additionally you may have to pay a costly entrance fee (depending on the gym). As students, we may be saving up our money for future endeavours, especially post-secondary tuition.

How can you get into the habit of exercising? To start off, try to develop a positive attitude towards working out. When you think of it as a burden or as another time consuming task, you will always procrastinate and avoid the activity altogether. Instead, perceive it as a stress-dealer, an outlet, or something to use to exert your negative energy or tension. Since time is a major obstacle, it is ideal to begin with short 10-15 minute intense workouts, such as a sprint or a body weight workout. But any activity is better than no activity, so find something that you enjoy doing and you’ll be more likely to do it.

Any activity is better than no activity, so find something that you enjoy doing and you’ll be more likely to do it.”

The best way to start your workout is by stretching to loosen your rather dormant muscles. If you have no idea on what to do for your workout, a workout app will be your best friend. Some of these apps have timed workouts in different forms (ex: cardio, yoga, strength) to accustom to your busy schedule and preferences.

Lastly, remember to take care of yourself and workout for the right reasons, as it is easy to compare yourself to the people around you and become self-conscious.


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