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Back-to-school blues

Author: Jace

Summer is AWESOME! Getting back to school… not so much.

I don’t know where you guys are at but one month into the school year and I’m mourning the loss of summer 2016 big time!  The memories, the laughs, fun times with friends and family, what isn’t there to love?

I had a blast this summer and I know lots of other teenagers might not be 100% in the same boat.  Tons of teens work lots or have uneventful, maybe boring summers but the relaxation and time to yourself are undeniable pleasures nearly every highschooler can agree with.

After saying that I think we all feel the sting of the back to school season.

I mean our lives are essentially turned upside-down!  Going from sleeping in, to getting up early in the morning to get to school. We go from having fun playing outside and maybe getting out of town to then sitting in a classroom for hours at a time.  Not to mention the total freedom of when, what and how we do things turning into endless schedules, timetables and deadlines.

It’s a pretty rough change and I know I’m feeling it!

As hard as it is adjusting I always try using what’s helped me in the past, it’s a great way to start!  Some things that work for me are scheduling important due dates, tests and commitments into my phone calendar.  Or else, I try to jot down a list of things I need done each night, just short point form notes on my whiteboard. These little strategies help so that I don’t let things slip that I’m not used to managing.  Also, a big thing that helps me early on to get organized is effective note-taking for each course.  Pinning down a way and format of how I should take notes.  That way, if I concentrate on taking good notes I’m forced to pay attention to what the teacher’s saying.

Those are just some little cheat cheats that work for me.  I encourage using what you know helps you to adjust to school.  And if you do need some tips or tricks feel free to give mine a try or even asking a friend or classmate what they do, maybe it could work for you too.

With all that being said back to school is stressful no matter what…

But, we can still take care of ourselves!  So if you’re feeling sad, angry, stressed, confused or anything else this back to school season, take some time to just relax and if that’s not enough give us a text, chat or call and we’d love to talk it out!

And if you’re feeling the back to school blues like me then you’re not alone. In some way or another every teen can relate to it. We’re here for you and if you’re comfortable try talking to someone you trust, I mean everyone’s experienced it at some point.

Look at it this way, soon you’ll be used to school. Wait! Is that really any better?

Photo courtesy of: Skokie Public Library

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