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Calgary Labour Day Weekend Events

One of the silver linings to going back to school is knowing that we have a three-day weekend for Labour Day right after school starts.

The Labour Day weekend basically consists of the last days of summer we get in Calgary. It wouldn’t be unheard of if it were to snow a week later. There’s a bit of pressure to really enjoy that last burst of summer before we are back at school for 10 months, but we have you covered.

Here are some the events this weekend that will ensure you make the most of the last few days of freedom!


X-Fest is Calgary’s annual alternative music festival. It’s an incredible 2-day festival that has some amazing headliners this year. Alexisonfire, Ellie Goulding, and Hozier are all playing so it’s guaranteed to be a good time. You can buy tickets here for either one day or both days. It’s a fun way to spend your weekend with friends and also get to see some of your favourite artists!

Labour Day Classic

Probably the most famously Canadian labour day tradition is the Labour Day Classic. This year the annual Stampeders vs. Eskimos game is at McMahon Stadium so it’s the perfect occasion to go out and support the Stamps! It’ll be an exciting game on a nice day so if you decide to get tickets then the game will be a classically fun way to spend your labour day!

Calgary Pride Parade

We’ve all seen photos of our new Rainbow Crosswalk downtown so that can only mean one thing, Calgary’s Pride Parade down 8th Avenue is happening of September 6! It starts at noon and is a great way to immerse yourself Calgary’s culture. Not only is it an awesome way to show your support for the LGBTQ community while having a fun time.

You can also walk with Distress Centre! RSVP to the Facebook event and join us.

Highland Games

Labour day weekend is a prime time for the Highland Games. The Calgary Highland Games are happening on September 5 and the Canmore Highland Games are on both September 5 and 6. The games are packed with heavy sports (throwing stones, hammers, etc.) Highland dancing, piping and drumming and so much more. They are authentic Scottish games, if you want you can even try Haggis! If that isn’t your style, there are also food trucks on site. So whether you’re a Scot or not, check out the Highland Games!

Ice Cream

Since it is one of the last warm weekends of summer, it’s the perfect time to get ice cream. Although I am a firm believer that ice cream should be eaten all year, it does taste best on a hot summers day. Village Ice Cream is a delicious ice cream place down in the East Village and their salted caramel ice cream is to die for. Lic’s Ice Cream is also a delicious shop and it’s right down near the bow river so you can have a nice walk while enjoying your ice cream. If you feel like making a day of it, Mackay’s Ice Cream in Cochrane is wonderful. It’s definitely one of Alberta’s most iconic ice cream shops and if you’ve never been then I highly recommend making the trip out to it.


If you decide to simply chill at home with a good book and some Netflix and recharge after your first week back at school, that’s all right too. Do whatever is best for you.

So whatever you choose to do this Labour Day, have fun doing it! Embrace the warm and homework-free weekend because it may be the last that you get for a while!

Image via Ricky Leong. Cropped by ConnecTeen.

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