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Decluttering: A self-care method

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Author: Isha

Keeping your surroundings clean and organized can have tremendous benefits. In this blog post, I will give you five reasons as to why you should declutter sometime soon!

More space and flexibility.

Cleaning up your desk or room can give you some more space to feel comfortable and you could even make space for other things. For example, after decluttering my own work area, I was able to find some space to add in a small yoga mat so that I can fit in a quick workout between classes and Zoom Meetings. You could find better positioning of furniture or set up your desk closer to a window to change up the scene. Especially when we’re all been home more, due to the pandemic, it can be refreshing to switch up your surroundings!

Getting rid of all that dust can improve air quality!

I was surprised to find how scientifically decluttering can improve air quality, but it all makes logical sense. With various notebooks, papers, clothes, and devices, it is easy for the areas to collect dust and therefore increase the number of harmful particles in the air.

You might end up helping others by finding things you can pass on.

As you declutter, you may find things that you can pass on to friends or donate to a charity or thrift store. You get to declutter your possessions while helping others – a win-win!

Decluttering reduces stress.

You may have heard this before, but I wanted to share some of the science behind this interesting relationship. Cortisol is a stress hormone that has shown to have a direct relation to messy surroundings! With many of us being home more, it is important to keep our areas free of clutter to help alleviate stress.

It is an important life habit.

Now I know this one sounds boring and generic, but it is so true! As I become older, I start to realize how my surroundings impact me daily. If you make it a weekly habit to declutter, it can help you avoid cleaning up huge, time-consuming and overwhelming messes!

I hope this post inspires you to get moving and clean up your area! Self-care can come in various forms and having a well-maintained living space is an underrated and overlooked self-care method. A good way to put this topic into perspective is that your surroundings can influence and reflect within yourself, so an organized area helps you feel organized in your mind.


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