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Exam Break is not a Break!

Author: Isha

As we enter 2019 and head back to school, high school students know that some big exams are quickly approaching. Exam breaks are commonly given to high school students, which is an allotted time for us to prepare and write our exams.

This article will share three tips that I have found useful to make the best use out of this precious time given to you.

1. Make a study schedule.

Take a good look at the exam schedule provided by your school and note all your exam dates and times. This will be the solid foundation for your study schedule, as you can manage your time around it. Simultaneously, manage the schedule of your extracurricular activities so that you have an allotted time to focus on solely on your exams. From here, you can start to establish a study schedule.

Divide the course material into its existing units or chapters; focus on one or two units a day. When studying for multiple subjects divide the day into parts and allot time for each subject as needed. As you approach closer to the exam date (ie: 5-3 days), review all relevant material as an overview to the course.

2. Listen to your teacher!

Teachers often provide useful resources, such as review packages or open classes during exam break. Don’t dismiss these resources, as they usually focus on the specific exam for the class. Collect the most important resources that you gathered throughout the semester. This could be a textbook, notes, or worksheets provided by your instructor.

3.    When it gets closer to the exam date, try to remain calm and level-headed.

If you follow the previous two tips, you will feel confident and prepared for the exam. In case you do feel overwhelmed the night before the exam, do not cram or pull an all-nighter. Cramming can be effective for some people, but it could also cause you to feel more stressed and lose out on valuable sleep, and your ability to think clearly will be impeded.

On the exam date, have a positive attitude; remind yourself that you tried your best to prepare! Be aware of all exam protocols (ie: timing, electronic storage, identification)

I hope these tips are useful for your exam preparation and you find success in your exams! Always remember, that exams are important, but don’t let them impact your self-esteem.

A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results” – Wade Boggs.

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