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Finding your passion – the search for you

Author: Minun

School is important in our lives, but I wouldn’t say it’s important to our identities. Almost every conversation I have revolves around school in one way or another, but talking about it deosn’t help me get to know someone. What really helps me understand who a person is, is when they tell me about their passion. Or in other words, what they do for fun.

I find it sad that the people I meet seem to think they know me based on the courses I take and how many midterms and papers I have to write, when they would know me a lot better if they asked me what I like to do for fun. The things that you like to do for fun speak volumes about who you are, whether you like to read, play music, play sports, play video games, make art, dance, collect things or build things.

Whatever you like doing is part of who you are!

I like to think that everybody has something they like to do, no matter how small or infrequently they do it. However, there are people who are unsure exactly what it is they enjoy doing. That’s perfectly normal as well, there are just so many activities and options out there; so they just haven’t found the thing(s) that they really like to do yet.

To help you in hopefully finding and pursuing your passion I’ve done a teensy bit of research and what I’ve found are things that I think will lead you in the right direction.

First: Think of what drives you.

What do you find interesting? What’s your favourite thing to talk or think about?

Second: What are you willing to try? What’s something that you’re curious about? Something you want to learn more about?

Make a list of potentially interesting activities and go through them to find what you like best! There are just so many options out there and so many topics to learn about. And something that interests one person more than anything, might not be able to hold your attention at all. And that’s okay.

If you’re still having trouble finding something that really captures your attention, don’t stress about it! Finding a hobby or passion is meant to be a fun and even relaxing venture, so just keep trying and exploring new things without putting too much pressure on finding the “ultimate” activity. Maybe instead of having one defined passion, you’ll have several hobbies that you’re fairly interested in. That’s all right too!

Remember that passion does not equal obsession.

Knowing and pursuing a passion is very rewarding and can provide an escape from stressful situations of all kinds. And I think we can all use a little escape now and again.

Need someone to hash out potential passions with? Talk to us!

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