One of my friends has spread a rumour about me.

What do I do?

Feeling betrayed by a friend is an awful situation to be in. You feel hurt and upset that someone you care about is talking about you in a bad way and you’re not sure why. If something like this is happening to you, you could try to ignore what they said about you. Generally, the more attention you pay to the negative rumour, the more upset you will be about it. You can also try to ask your friend why they spread the rumour about you. Sometimes people lash out at us because they are upset about something that may have nothing to do with you. Or maybe you got into an argument and they were trying to “get back at you”. One of the best things you could do is to clear the air and talk about it. You can also talk to an adult about it —maybe a guidance counselor, a coach or a family member you trust? It’s helpful to know that you have someone on your side who you trust and feel comfortable talking to.

Sometimes when friends spread rumours about others, they may do it without realizing how much of an impact it has on the friend. Or sometimes, that person isn’t a good friend to you and you deserve better from your friendships. This is why I suggest you reach out to us via phone 403-264-TEEN (8336), email, online at or text at 587-333-2724. We can help you come up with new ideas to help you feel better 🙂