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Give every day, not just during holidays

Author: Chaten

It doesn’t need to be a holiday for us to give to the people we care about. Sometimes it’s not even the presents or tangible things that matter, but the thought we put into what we give. Once the holidays are over gift giving is usually limited to birthdays, but I believe that we should be giving to the people around us every single day.

Giving doesn’t have to involve actual gifts either. It can be as simple as giving your time to talk to an old friend, or giving your time to comfort someone in need. As people, we should be looking for ways to help and support each other. A good idea for a gift you can give to people would be your smile. Your smile is very powerful, especially when it comes to projecting positivity and kindness.

Giving doesn’t have to involve actual gifts either. It can be as simple as giving your time to talk to an old friend, or giving your time to comfort someone in need.”

Another great thing to give is your talent. This could be inviting your family and friends to your music recital, or inviting others to take part in a club that interests you. You may not realize it, but showing off your talent can make a difference for the people around you. Giving your talent could also involve helping out around the house, or teaching a younger sibling how to skate. It doesn’t have to be something huge, because every bit of time and talent you give to other people is appreciated.

The easiest thing that we can give on a daily basis would be our gratitude, and thanking those around us for what they do.

When we give people a “thank you” or an “I appreciated that” it makes what they did feel more valuable; it makes people feel like they are doing something important. Saying “thank you” is one of the easiest things we can do to try to make the world a better place. Saying thank you shows people that you are grateful for what they do, and that what they do is making a difference in your life. When people know that, they’re more motivated to do what they love because they know that there is at least someone out there who appreciates it.

Giving has never had to involve a physical gift or something that we’ve bought from a store. It can involve us giving things that are way more important, such as our kindness, talent and gratitude. Each person has something to give and has ways to make the world a better place. Let’s give our talents and our kindness to others, because we really can make this world a more beautiful place.

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