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Sadness is a part of my personality?

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It’s perfectly okay and normal to feel sad, even if it is present in your daily life more often than most people. If you are comfortable with the undertones of sadness that you feel, then there is no need to feel like you should change or that there is something wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you. It can be very easy to compare ourselves to others and wonder if we’re normal, especially when we find differences. However, there are differences between everyone around us. There are people who are more anxious than average, but that doesn’t always mean they have an anxiety disorder. And people with anxiety disorders can live great lives while dealing with their disorder.  If you are worried that you feel sad a lot and you wonder if it’s a problem, then it really comes down to whether it is making you uncomfortable, or if it is causing problems in your own life. The experiences and emotions that you have are what make you special, and who you are is awesome just as you are.

Sometimes, society seems to make us feel like happiness is the goal in life, and if we’re not on our way there, then there might be something wrong with us. However, this is not true, and we don’t have to label feelings as good or bad like this. If you feel comfortable being a little sad most of the time, then it’s likely that you have strengths that come with this aspect of your personality. For example, people who feel sad sometimes can often be more empathetic and considerate of others. This can make you a very good listener, and deepen relationships with your friends and family. It’s also possible that sadness can be channeled into creativity, like expressing yourself through art or music. Whatever it is, your sadness comes with strengths that make you special and unique, and it is okay to embrace the whole package, because loving yourself can go a very long way.

Now, if you ever feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable because of how sad you’re feeling, please talk to someone about it whether it’s a friend, family member, or you can call/text/chat with us here at ConnecTeen (call: 403-264-8336, text: 587-333-2724, chat: Sometimes feelings of sadness can be accompanied by changes in your appetite or sleep pattern, as well as loss of motivation, or losing interest in the things you used to love. If you’re finding it harder to go about your daily life when you feel sad like this, then it would be a really good idea to talk to someone you trust, like a doctor, or someone here at ConnecTeen and see what you can do to get help. You deserve support when you’re dealing with a difficult situation like that, and there is no shame in reaching out when you need some help.

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