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Have you noticed ConnecTeen’s new look?

At ConnecTeen, we always strive to ensure that you feel comfortable reaching out to us. That’s why we have updated the look of our branding and website, and changed our tagline, to one that better reflects the vision of Distress Centre Calgary and of ConnecTeen. We want you to talk on your terms when you call, text, chat with or email us.

Click around our site to see the new look, keep an eye out for ConnecTeen’s ads on transit and online and for new ConnecTeen collateral in the community.

For many of you, going back to school is incredibly tough. After spending the summer relaxing, travelling, exploring the city, and enjoying nice weather and boundless time outside, it can be hard to get back into a school routine.

At ConnecTeen, we notice this change. July & August tend to be quieter months at ConnecTeen, but near the end of August and beginning of September we start to see more chats, calls and texts come in. Many of the contacts are related to back-to-school stress.

The ConnecTeen logo with our new tagline.

We’ve published several blog posts on handling stress that we encourage you to check out as you head back to school:

You can also check out blogs we’ve posted about how to handle school, which may help to alleviate some stress:

If you’re still feeling stressed or just want to talk to someone, we are here for you by phone, chat, text and email. Contact us.

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