How can I get my mom to loosen her grip and realize that I’m capable of looking after myself?

“My mom is really overprotective of me. She worries a lot because she went through some scary events when she was younger, and I was born very premature & have a severe food allergy. She still treats me like a little kid & places a lot of restrictions on me, even though I’m almost 15, & she’s always trying to solve my problems. I feel incompetent because she tries to do everything for me & is always buzzing around, reminding me over & over to do things that I already knew I had to do. All I want is a little bit of freedom to do things on my own & feel like a normal teen.”

Have you tried speaking to her? It is definitely possible that she may not even know that she’s having that effect on you. What do you think she would say if you brought it up? Freedom is important as a teenager so I totally understand where you’re coming from. Sometimes it’s just best to let people know how you are really feeling and how their actions are impacting you. To help her realize that you are capable of looking after yourself it might be beneficial for you to prove it to her.

Maybe ask her for a task to do and try to show her that you are very capable. It’s really great though that you understand that a lot of over protectiveness stems from her love for you, it’s a great quality to have! At the end of the day she’s still your mom and will always be protective when it comes to you but hopefully she comes to understanding that you are much more capable than she might think you are. If things ever get really bad though don’t ever hesitate to contact the Connecteen at 403-264-8336 for phone calls and 587-333-2724 for texting. You can also use our website to contact us.