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I am Catholic and Catholics say sex before marriage is bad…but is it really??

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Sexuality is a part of life that is very unique for each person. It can be a very confusing and overwhelming part of growing up and then on top of that, many people have different views on what a healthy sex life looks like. Religion can have a lot to do with how our values are shaped or influenced which is perfectly okay if your values align with those of your religion. If they don’t, that’s also okay too. It’s important that you feel like you can make safe choices for yourself and that you don’t feel pressured to lean one way or the other. What matters the most is what you think about sex and sexuality and finding someone to talk to about these things in a safe, open and non-judgemental way.

Sex is completely personal so we encourage you to explore how you view it and what values you hold around it. If you want to have an open and honest conversation around sex, resources like the Calgary Sexual Health Centre is an excellent place to share your views and thoughts. They can also answer any questions you may have around the values and safety around sex. They believe that everyone has the right to good information and can help anyone get to the next step.

The next step may look very different because how you define sex may be different. Some people may think oral sex isn’t sex but other people may believe that it is. We all have different definitions around sex and what it looks like. It can be difficult to figure out what it means and looks like to you, but you are not alone. Many teens and even adults feel this way. Sex should be something mutually agreed upon, respectful and safe. There can also be a lot of different emotions elicited around sex so please chat with someone you feel comfortable talking to. If you need a non-judgemental, confidential ear to talk about your feelings around sex, you can always talk to us. We are here for you if you need it.

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