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I feel like suicide is the only answer. What do I do?

Thanks for reaching out to us, this is a really great first step in talking about what you’re dealing with. The pain you’re going through can be extremely overwhelming, and it’s normal to want the pain to end. It can be even more difficult when your family isn’t giving you the support you need. Right now it may seem like suicide is the only option, but there are other ways to deal with your stress and pain.


It can be lonely dealing with your stress alone. Reaching out to your friends or school counselor can relieve some of this weight off your shoulders, and give you a good network of support in dealing with your stress. It may feel like you don’t belong or that you’re a burden to the people closest to you. However, reaching out to people can help overcome these feelings and give you that human connection we all need. Everyone has felt hopeless before! You don’t need to go through this alone.


Although you may feel like your family does not care about you, having that conversation around suicide and your mental health with them may actually surprise you. Looking for clues for their views on mental health and how supportive they will be may help you decide whether or not to have the conversation with your family. For example, how have they reacted to suicide or mental health when it’s displayed in media or discussed within family or friends? If they’ve shown concern or support of individuals going through tough times, it may be beneficial for you to talk to them!


When people have the desire for suicide, they often focus on suicide as a way to cope with or end our stress and emotions. It’s normal to feel utterly hopeless, and other options may seem futile. Even though it may seem like nothing will ever change, we encourage and challenge you to look for reasons to live. Right now, suicide may seem like the best option, but reflecting on things you enjoy doing, people that are important to you, or other things that give you hope can give you these reasons to live.


Connecteen isn’t here to judge on how someone copes with their stress, we’re just here as someone to talk to and give you support. However, we also want to stress the significance of suicide. Suicide is extremely dangerous. It is an action that will end your life, and your death will hurt the people who care about you. Because of this, we encourage you to look towards coping mechanisms that may help you deal with your stress. Besides talking to someone, finding your strengths, looking at your reasons to live or doing things you enjoy doing may help you cope.


We care about your well being, and we want to make sure you get the help and support you need. We’re always here as someone to talk to, and we can give you a different perspective and options. Please contact us or reach out to someone close to you if you’re feeling suicidal.

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