I feel very lonely. It feels like my parents really hate me. I’ve never had friends and the only living things that are friendly to me are the plants in my garden. How do I make friends and how do I make people like me?

Hi there, those are some great questions.

Why do my parents hate me? 

It is normal to have conflict and question people’s feelings towards us. It can be especially difficult when we think our parents are upset with us. Coping with this natural tension as we grow up can be very overwhelming. Heathy and open communication can help. Asking more questions and understanding your mom feelings may help you understand the situation better. There may be many other things going on in her life and that might be creating her negative feelings.  Having open conversations can be hard but if you feel comfortable it could really help! A great place to start could be how you have been feeling lately.


How to deal with isolation? 

Feeling lonely can be very hard, as if you’re the only person who is struggling. Though truly many teenagers feel alone, know you are not alone. It’s great to hear you have found other hobbies to fill your time like gardening. It might be helpful to try to go more public places like a café or library. It could take of some of the pressure off feeling lonely. I hope reaching out helped as well!


How to build connection?

Making friends and finding your people can be hard at times. It’s important to be yourself! When you are genuine, it makes other people more comfortable to do the same! Having similar hobbies can help friendships move along. Joining clubs of interest at school could help you meet some potential friends.  Or having online friends through a video game. The more people you meet the easier it will be to make friends. Try putting yourself out there and joining a new team or club and hopefully you’ll meet someone who compliments you well!